About Sababa

Hungry? Sababa! Come in and pick your choice of shawarma on a pita or a platter, then choose your salads, toppings and sides. Our menu features all types of healthy, tasty, and perfectly spiced delicious choices.

At this time, we are only open for lunch from 11 am to 3 pm.



  • Step 1

    Choose either whole wheat or white pita

    Classic Falafel $4.50
    Chicken Shawarma $6
    BLT Shawarma (Beef, Lamb & Turkey) $7

    Not into a pita? Make it a platter!

    The Combo $6.50
    5 falafel balls, tahini, hot sauce and your choice of 3 salads

    Chicken Shawarma Platter $8
    Pilaf of the day, chopped Israeli salad, tahini, & hot sauce

    BLT Shawarma (Beef, Lamb & Turkey) Platter $9
    Pilaf of the day, chopped Israeli salad, tahini, & hot sauce

  • Step 2

    Choose toppings, salads, and sauces
    Classic Hummus
    Roasted Pepper Hummus
    Cilantro & Lime Hummus
    Baba Ghanoush
    Fried Cauliflower
    Fried Long Hot Peppers
    Pickled Vegetable Medley
    Pickled Mango
    Kalamata Olives
    Feta Cheese
    Red Cabbage Salad
    Chickpea Salad
    White Cabbage Salad
    Black Bean & Roasted Corn Salad
    Sweet Potato & Mushroom Salad
    Chopped Israeli Salad
    Beet Salad
    Insalata Matbucha
    Moroccan Carrot Salad
    Tzatziki Sauce
    Chimmichurri Sauce
    Pico De Gallo

  • Step 3

    Choose an extra
    Daily Soup Specials
      12 oz. $3
      16 oz. $4
    Extra Pita $.75
    Extra Falafel $.50
    Fountain Soda $1



Located at 21 Whitney Avenue in New Haven. There is so much to choose from so come pick out what you'd like.

Or if you would like a delivery, we cater and deliver within the New Haven area.



Red Cabbage
Roasted Cauliflower
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Baba Ganoush
Fried Long Hots
White Cabbage Slaw
Falafel Balls
Rice Pilaf
Roasted Eggplant
Beet Salad
Sweet Potato and Mushroom Salad
Chopped Israeli Salad
Kalamata olives
Carrot Slaw
Pico De Gallo
Cilantro Hummus
Black Bean and Corn Salad
Carrot Salad



Mickey Joseph

Mickey's Restaurant & Bar located at 2323 Whitney Avenue in Hamden is the perfect mix of fine dining, ambience and comfort. Mickey's menu boasts an array of fresh dishes from around the globe with influences from the Mediterranean and Italy. Mickey’s has a long list of daily specials prepared from scratch daily using the freshest ingredients and a full bar and cocktail lounge perfect for happy hour after work. For private parties, the back room is perfect for a corporate meeting, rehearsal dinner, baby shower, or any other special occasion. In addition, Mickey's offers complete off-site catering for parties, weddings, and special events.

Chef/Owner Mickey Josephs brings over 15 years of experience to his latest labors of love — Sababa and Mickey’s Express located adjacent to the New Haven County Courthouse and Yale University campus in New Haven. Both are open for lunch.

Growing up in Israel as a child in a large family that cooked every day, his course was always set toward a culinary career. It was there where he became familiar with and fell in love with the tastes of the Mediterranean. A true culinary artist, Josephs brings an intrinsic passion for food and wine to his three Connecticut restaurants—Sababa, Mickey’s, and Mickey’s Express.

Chef Josephs understands the need to be extraordinary—the need to go above and beyond in all facets of the industry. Chef Josephs is driven by success and an impeccable appreciation for quality and service and is committed to providing creative and exquisite culinary experiences that brings his guests back to enjoy their favorite food or to try something new. His penchant toward guest satisfaction goes without question as he exudes a work ethic that can be compared to few. This hallmark of service has earned him not only the respect of his peers, but more importantly, the communities in which he serves.

Naturally, Chef Josephs prides himself on his allegiance to his cultural heritage and his acute understanding of the exotic herbs and spices that are a signature addition to his cooking.

Visit Mickey’s website for more information:



Todd Lyon of the Daily Nutmeg had great things to say after her recent visit, May 9,2012.

“Sababa falafel. It’s so much fun to say out loud. Try it with me: SA-BA-BA FA-LA-FEL. Like Middle Eastern baby talk, right? Actually, it’s Hebrew for “cool, great, all right, no problem.”

Now, here’s something else you must try: the food at Sababa, a new eatery on Whitney Avenue brought to you by the talented and charming Chef Mickey Josephs, of Mickey’s in Hamden. Self-serve, with just a few tables and a brisk to-go business, Sababa is home to fresh falafels, chicken shawarma and BLT (beef, lamb and turkey) shawarma. These basics are served either on a pita or a platter, and offered with a mind-bending array of house-made toppings, salads and sauces. Some are traditional—hummus, baba ghanoush, tahini, staples of Mickey’s native Israel—while others are original creations by the multicultural chef. Sweet Potato and Mushroom Salad with crimini, shiitake, sesame oil, cilantro, scallions and barrel-aged white vinegar… Black Bean & Roasted Corn Salad (“Definitely not native to Israel,” Mickey says with a grin)… Red Cabbage Salad… these offerings reflect Mickey’s penchant, made popular at his white tablecloth restaurant, for beautifully blending global flavors, techniques and ingredients. Read on...




21 Whitney Avenue (between Grove and Audubon), New Haven, CT 06510
203-776-PITA (7482)
Open Monday – Friday | 11 am – 3 pm

Try our new location:
    Mickey’s Express
    9 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut 06510
    Open Monday – Friday | 11 am – 3 pm

And join us for dinner and cocktails at:
    Mickey’s Restaurant and Bar (corner of Whitney and Dixwell Avenue)
    2323 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, Connecticut 06518
    203-288-4700  |
    Open Monday – Thursday | 11:30 am – 9:30 pm
    Friday – Saturday | 11:30 am – 10:30 pm
    Sunday open for private parties, call for information

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